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Our services are designed to meet the desired needs of our clients, providing them with premium solutions that are innovative, reliable and cost-effective.

Precomp Tools offers gas nitriding and gas nitrocarburising services for common material Grades which include 1025, 1045, Cast Iron, 4130, 4140,  4340,  P20,  D2, A2, H13, S7, M2, M35, M42 and more. Gas nitriding is a low temperature (typically 520°C/970°F), low distortion “thermochemical” heat treatment process carried out to enhance the surface properties of finished or near finished ferrous components. If a carbon spending gas is added, the process is called gas nitrocarburising.

Precomp Tools offers regrinding services for all used and worn out rolling dies. Upon receiving the rolls they are thoroughly checked for the extent of wear and damage. The dies are checked for cracks as well as any geometric deviation that may be encountered. The results are shared and explained to the customer as this may involve multiple operations to restore the die to a quality working standard. We have over 20 machines which are dedicated toward this service which offer high quality and flexibility to regrind a wide variety of dies.

Our Sales Team can be contacted to co-ordinate for logistics regarding pick-up and delivery of the reground dies.

Precomp Tools offers heat treatment services for the heat treatment of tool and die steel materials like D2, D3, A2, HSS M2, HSS M35, ASP grades and similar other materials. The vacuum furnace is supported by Tempering Furnaces as well. This has a PLC system where the cycles can be stored and retrieved easily. Metallography Equipment such as Rockwell Hardness testers, Portable hardness testers, cutting and polishing machines are also available to check the test pieces and ensure that the desired heat treatment properties are achieved. Microscope (1000X magnification) equipped with a digital camera & Image analysis software also present to record the microstructure of the hardened steel.

Precomp Tools offers its customers the opportunity to develop the dies as well as parts on our own in-house rolling machine setup. Primarily used for only conducting in-house die development activities we have now extended this facility to our customers who wish to use the know-how, technical expertise and manufacturing infrastructure which includes soft machining, grinding and rolling machines available in Precomp for developing their prototypes as well as for mass production of parts. This is a learning experience for the team at Precomp as we hope to encounter challenging applications which will help us in refining our own designs as well as help us in understanding the problems faced by customers during use of our dies. We look to offer a comprehensive solution to roll components.

We have a Sparkonix EDM Drill which enables drilling into materials like HSS steel, Copper, Titanium and Carbide with high speeds.

We have a Sparkonix EDM Drill which enables drilling into materials like HSS steel, Copper, Titanium and Carbide with high speeds.

Hole diameters could be achieved between range of 0.3 mm to 4.0 mm on components having 64 – 65 HRC